This post serves as an update to the following: Digital Minimalism - 01/25/22, Digital Min. 2 - 02/06/22, DigiMin 3 - 02/23/22.

Before the regularly programmed update on Digital Minimalism begins, I would like to recommend to you this song, as well as this one. Back to the show!


As of 04/04/22, today, I have switched back to a Flip Phone!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS DECISION! A few months ago , probably in the last DigiMin post, I mentioned that it would be nonlogical for me to not have my smart phone, as there are too many programs that I would need to carry out and about with me. However, I do not really have a need for Uber and Doordash as often.

Think of it this way: You have just switched out the SIM card from your smart phone made in 2020, rendering it as functional as an iPod. Perfect. I now need not to fix up my iPod Classic Gen 4, because my old phone does just as much as it, and more. I have all of my music on it, as well as a camera and recording functions and games and everything else. Also, social media.

I love flip phones. I love the lack of clutter, the lack of notifications, how freeing it is to only have the utmost notitifications coming at you 24/7. Now, the only thing I get menial notifications from is my old phone :>) Keeping the important and unimportant separate, organized. I love it. Just as tidy as my room. I need structure. It feels really good. I also really enjoy the build of a flip phone. No longer do I have to hold the base of a weighted brick on my pinkie, making it feel dislocated. I can now hold it with a grasping motion, something more practical for my body. I love the look of them, the feel of them, t9 texting, just about all of it. The only thing that I do not enjoy is the fact that when on phone calls, i have to "flip" the phone a little to be heard better. Apart from that, it's great. Taking longer to text is not an issue, as it makes me think about my words. I enjoy it. Emojis are also not a problem for me, the ones I use are usually ":>)" or sometimes ":/", ":?" & ":>(". All of which I can type in this phone. I love it.

My coworkers used to make fun of me having a flip phone, but I simply do not care. I will die on the hill that flip phones are superior to smart phones. My smart phone just made a biometrics fingerprint update... bruh.. u already scanned it! Why is the technology for my finger getting more advanced!! I don't want to be outsmarted by my own devices. I have gotten too comfortable texting my deepest thoughts (most are problematic in some sense, i seem to lack empathy based on some quizzes. I will update my quiz page after this, I really enjoy quizzes and taking them) in instagram, ... also discord. Those are about it, but still. I seem to forget that people SEE what you text, even if it isn't the reciever of that text. I don't want mark zuckerberg knowing my deepest thoughts! What a silly guy! He will just sell my info again! Silly man.

I think once I get more accustomed to having a flip phone again, I will post about this again. You may be asking, "again?", "what do you mean?". The reason that I stopped having a flip phone mid 2021, the same year that I got one, was that I was going to the meeting of a college, an introduction date so the freshman know what's going on. I don't feel the need for college anymore, but I did switch out the flip phone to smart in order to be able to recieve e-mails in a place where I would (probably) not have internet. I have it again. I feel free.

There are other reasons why I feel free, but I will make those in a separate post :>)

Written 04/04/22