Feeling: Content :>)

Today has been a really good day. I have been able to be in the moment today, all day, and the overall tone of today is just content. I have watched a show that I have been getting really into, hung out with a friend, indulged in snacks and the like without guilt, and overall did whatever I wanted to. I was able to do what I want to without the pressure or need to be "productive" or "useful". I just did what I wanted to , and I am existing and being happy. It feels really good to be able to just do me without anxiety. I think watching so much Bad Girls Club may be making me have more confidence in myself. Seeing other people get into such dramatic situations is also really nice, as it soothes the urge to get into them myself. I am really into Bad Girls Club at the moment, and idk. I just feel nice today. Before a friend came over, I gathered & took out the trash and tidied up my room a bit more, and I think those simple actions did wonders for the rest of my day.

I am really enjoying today so far. I made this chikpea penne vegan pasta with some traditional (?.... red) sauce and some smoked cheese on top :>) this is the first normal meal I have made myself in a while.. it feels really nice. I am just really enjoying today. I took a nap, listened to some music, and just enjoyed the hail and sunlight that was occuring. The sound of the rain was really nice, too. i think I am going to watch some more bad girls club and work out a little more after this. :>) very excited. Hope my eyes don't hurt from too much blue light today!

Sidenote: Letting your phone die and not obsessing or getting anxious when it is dead feels REALLY nice. I don't feel as attached to my phone now that I have limited the amount of digital media on it, and that feels REALLY nice. Lessening my attachment to my phone was the ultimate goal out of all of this digital minimalism! It feels SO GOOD to know that I am getting towards that day by day... yay :>)