I don't want to leave off on the last note (somber) with that last log, so ! I am making another :>) I am currently editing little things on my website that I have been meaning to do/haven't really just put the time into doing, such as editing the wardrobe page a little, the layout of the blog (looks WAY BETTER NOW!!!! I am MUCH more satisfied with the looks of it as of right now. phew!!), the fanpage links being transparent instead of ... white, etc. It feels good! I like that the sidebar is a comprehensive list, and was inspired by feign's blog, as it has a really nice layout. It is similar in the whole iframe state of being, but their organization is so good! Very nice and pleasing and easy to go through, and I knew my just slapping them down by date was not cutting it!

The Clinical Assessment went well! I now have a set (actual) psychiatric on 4/20, so I am basically just meandering about until I am there :>) feels good! Obviously I have ups and downs and all that, but yea :>) Excited to see what I get diagnosed with, and I may or may not state what I have on this website. Who knows!

Today I am going to go to the thrift store and take a nice walk, I also think I want to do my makeup today. Idk what I am, but regardless, time to put these good lipsticks to use!!!

Just got back from the thrift store and I realize that I think my boundaries get pushed a lot. Or, at least, I'm bad at enforcing them. I do not regret anything, though. Every time I go I seem to get more and more essential items for my house. The tacky blankets have been retired from being make-shift blinds, and now we have an actual curtain.

Currently watching Married at First Sight, I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!! I love my roomate and I love that I am blossoming into a new person that is better at communication :>)

"What I tell every couple. Marriage is between two people and their families. Projections should not be put from the family to the relationship. One, When it comes to any disturbances you may have, make sure you don't want to share it with family. When you share any issue outside of the relationship, to the family, normally that issue is locked in time iwth them. Share the good things first." - Calvin Roberson, Married At First Sight Season 5

This statement REALLY resonated with me. I am notorious for shit talking, but I never considered this perspective. I think I will try to stop speaking of my issues with others (I would do so to get a good grip on what I "should" do, as I trusted others' perspective better than my own), and instead work on the second step of growing a spine: Knowing myself. Having confidence. I want to really think about what I say before I say it. I think that is my next goal

Written 04/05/22