I think the best thing for me to do right now is to not really talk about it on here? I think it would be best.. yea..

I don't want to perpetuate drama and cause more by just blabbing on my online (very public) diary

A REALLLYYYY big habit I have is to shit talk and just blab on and on and drama and talk a lot about it instead of just... fixing the problem. and now the situation is done and "fixed", so now i can not talk about it! woo! i am no longer super confused as of what is right and what is wrong. I just want to do me. I think it may be a little cruel to just drop people without much notice, but idk.

Even though we haven't been talking AS MUCH as of recent, i still enjoy talking to him. it's nice. he's funny. the works. slaying forever!!!!

My goals for today:

  • clean the bathroom
  • put new dishes in dishwasher so they are clean :>)
  • check up on those i have not talked to recently
  • pushups!!
  • etc

    Written and Updated 04/16/22.