Today I did something really big. I'm not going to expose myself for all to see 100%, but I'm glad I did it. Both things I did today feel like weight off of my chest, actually. I will forgive, and I will learn. I will not jump into things so soon next time.. although I wish some people could have a "do-over", it can be really hard to forget what originally hurt you. I think I understand someone else's perspective about that a bit better now.

My move-in date is really soon (tomorrow, actually! Whoo-hoo!) and I'm pretty pumped to have my furniture in a space that is truly mine.

I am thinking of creating a PictureLog... PLOG. I think I would really like to do that instead of instagram, LOL. I really enjoy talking to people on there, but I also feel like it's infecting everything. Now that it's owned by facebook the messaging platform is greater, but so are my thoughts that I'm gonna get Zucked. Gonna work on the framework for a potential PLOG right after this!