No music recommendation for today, but I have been getting more into shoegaze and 2000s pop/rnb (justin bieber, mindless behavior) and trap (?) music as of recent.

I've really been taking time to figure myself out. I'm proud of it. I'm not going to go super into the specifics of my identity, but I will state my ideology and things that I have learned throughout this time.

I went to pride for the first time ever ! It was pretty fun, not a super big event, but it was interesting seeing so many gay people in one place at one time. Quite a few furries and pro-marijuana people, people vaping, as to be expected. Lots of cross-sectioning between those groups I think. I got 3 candles there, and it was pretty nice :>) Went to the Cheesecake Factory for the first time afterwards, too, the food was very very good. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend. With the exploration and discovery of myself, I am a lot more stable. A lot less anxiety is going on, and the only anxiety I do feel is usually related to the topic of myself. My therapist noted that throughout this time I seem less and less anxious and more confident. It feels good.

My roomate also got a console for our TV to stand on! It looks good, no more bachelor lifestyle living for us.. TV is off the floor and looking on something really nice. I built the furniture and I am pretty proud of myself. It looks really good, too. I keep saying that.

I am now legitimately comfortable in being single. It feels pretty good, and I no longer feel the need to "restrict" myself tooth and nail in order to stop myself from jumping from flirty-thing to flirty-thing, because I just don't feel the need to do that anymore. It feels really freeing, being comfortable in just me. Knowing that I am myself, not because of outward input or some obession or whatever, but because that is me. I think I may get into dating further down the line, but as of right now, I'm set.

I might go to a family dinner and come out to my mom on a more official basis today. I will update and let you all know how that goes. Thanks for your support!

Written June 21st, 2022