I guess it's not super professional to put my personal shit on my site, but it's also a personal site (not business related in any way), so I'll give myself a pass.

I have been doing good. A little paranoid, but same old same old. My therapist keeps giving me good tips and I'm hoping if I remember to use them, then I won't have to talk to her again about the same thing. My coworker is listening to Taylor Swift. Nice.

I've been hanging out with my friend Clover a lot. He's really cool, we always have a good time. It's even better when I make myself talk even when it's hard, trying to make the time more quality. I also got to hang out with my boyfriend recently, I am soo happy about that. Love that thang. Life is going good. I need to fix up my car and I'm not rich or anything, but I feel generally happy. I think that's all that matters.

Write later, bye