It's hard! It's really hard to remember the things that happen, to sort out how they make you feel, to forgive yourself for things you have done in times of hurt. I would say "to forgive others", but recently I have come to the realization that forgiveness is something you must come to on your own terms, and not something that should be forced upon you.

To finally be in a place that I feel safe expressing myself is paradise. Like you may or may not have seen on the CIL friendship page (front homepage), This is what I was holding onto. I've been having that thought so much recently that I almost wasn't letting myself feel any other emotion, which isn't good for you! Regardless, I am VERY proud of how far I have come, and look forward to what else I will be able to accomplish. Not to get too deep and personal on a personal website, but DBT saved my life! Thank you DBT! Super awesome yasss. I need to eat breakfast...

Written Dec 30th, 2021