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Not to go all tacky, but 2022 has been crazy! Not really, but some social drama HAS happened, no regrets, though! Live and learn, yk? I've made my own resolution with that situation and all that, so it's all sorted out in my flesh noggin. Currently just living life as i should, doing what i want and above all.. expressing myself !! >__<

As far as New Years' resolutions go, at first i didn't think I had one! Which is why I am just now updating (also partially because the drama LOL), but apart from working on what I already have been, my resolution is to get further into being emo and expressing myself however i want to ! no shame here, gotta get it all out! Just wanna surround myself with kindness & people that deserve 2 be around me! Not too bad of a resolution, no? I'm pretty excited :>)


Recently, as some of u may know I have moved out! Accidentally isolated myself for the first part of it, which really wasn't good for me. BUT NOW i am suuper into the idea of socialization! Maybe I'll make blog posts about that type of thing, I have been thinking about deleting instagram (ugh.. went from being owned by facebook to being owned by "unity"?? wtf is that crap, don't even get me started on privacy within the new age of social media, ewww) and instead just blogging/posting fun days on neocities instead! i think that would be super fun AND would make me feel more of an ultra scene queen HAHAHA. Which, as I type, I realize it may be a bit confusing for the average CelebrityMonkey Neocities viewer to see! Which leads me to my next point:


A: probably!

Q: But I thought you were goth, as seen in OnionRoom's article with you in it ?!?

A: YES i DID say those things! about a year ago i was way more into the gothic subculture, and still derive inspiration from it (apparent by my lack of eyebrows & phaidia cover page for my site as a whole), but now I do not identify as goth! Pretty ironic, since in those messages i was super ... for lack of better word, "elitist", or whatever. Basically I was upset at those who would call themselves goth and shit while not even being into any of the music (which, i think, was a bigger problem late 2020 than it is now, or at least i have no idea if it's a problem now... i am simply not seeing that around!), but now i am not goth! i still stand by people not labelling themselves something stupid in order to get views or whatever, but i also just do not give a shit anymore! petty internet drama that doesn't concern me in the slightest is not at my forefront anymore, HAHA. getting back in touch with my emo roots o_o hope this clears things up! here you can see my most recent spotify playlist, which i would say is preeetty emo, BUT there are lots of songs that AREN'T emo there. do not be surprised!

Written 01/09/2022