Recently I have been trying to do more things for myself, rather others, (which is partially why I have been updating a bit more as of late and this website hasn't been abandoned) and I think it's going well! Recently I went to the thrift store just because I wanted to and thought it would be fun, so this is how it went! For my first picture log, I am just going to dump some photos from my gallery and provide an explanation for each one

here's my crocs with some really cute cat jibbitz that my coworker got for me (as well as the other charm actually)

Boy meets girl. They go skating New Years' Eve. They do what every other set of friends do and kick each other with as much force as possible on each other's roller skates in the limbo line, as well as bump into one another while skating; this causes them to almost bump into other people a lot and have to swerve last minute. Total adrenaline rush. Girl falls a total of 3 times. My knee looked like a swollen rhino head it was so funny HAHAHAHA. I really liked how it looked though, and as of today it's almost all the way healed :>( It's actually a good thing, though, I was getting kind of tired of not being able to look underneath my bed because of how often I lose things. It was a really fun time, no regerts #snickers

Which path will you go down?

This is a really sick shirt I got from H&M for only 6 dollars!!! It looks super cute, I absolutely love the horses on it, they remind me of elementary school. very wholesome shirt to me. I also like the fit, it's oddly crop-top-like. I really like going to H&M, it's a nice-looking store. More info about me I guess, I used to think it was a high end store because of their prices, but turns out they're fast fashion and I just grew up poor. I find it kind of funny, but when I say it like that it sounds kind of debby downer. I have one other dress from h&m, it's nice! Makes me look like proper.

I went to the thrift store and got two cute shirts and this frame. It's really cute and is currently surrounded by other knick knacks like dead rose petals, soo small! I absolutely adore it.

This same day I came across this juice bottle.. it is a little cute.

This is just a really funny image I use a lot.. feel free to download it's awesome no I do not know the origin. look at that little guy. his smile is so gorg.