Two Gals At The Local Shopping Mall / Christmas Gift Exchange

ermahgerd.... had so much fun yesterday i don't even know where to begin! Because we hadn't seen each other in so long, this was our first chance to exchange christmas gifts. So we brought our gifts, went to the mall and had a blast ! ^__^

This is one of the best gifts I have ever recieved... Poppy got me a rena figure!!!! Here's her in all of her packaging glory, soo cute. Her face looks really funny, and it has an odd panty shot. This also happens to be one of my first figures ever, so I am pretty hyped about it, to say the least. It wasn't a surprise to physically open, as she first told me through text, but I freaked out! I've always said the only anime/content I would get a figure of would be from Higurashi, and I'm a little surprised she held onto that detail o_o Excellent work Poppy, you've done it again!

This is another one of the gifts that Poppy got me, a REALLY cool candle holder! It's of a woman bowing her head in prayer, and her head supports the candle. There's holes in the eyes so that once the wax melts and falls, it'll fall out/drip down. It looks so excellent... it's one of those works of art that's moving, made to be used to have the full effect, y'know? I really adore it, I think she looks so beautiful. Unfortunately I cannot keep her in my room (as I don't really like the ominous feat of religous imagery), so I'll have to find a more open area to place her in :>) Again, thank you sosososososo much pops! U never cease to amaze me.

Poppy wearing a sock lock and whatever their names are (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) Mask, it looks really funny to me.

A silly jumbo-valentines day card (that was surprisingly only 6 dollars for the size of it.. cards can be oddly expensive) that resonated with me on levels that I cannot even begin to fathom. Please enjoy.

I saw this Justin Beiber blanket that stood out like a sore thumb among the Rick and Morty and other freakishly adult-themed blankets and paraphernelia, and it was so funny. soooo funny. so sos so so so sofunny. I am a belieber.

This was a Doja Cat shirt I got from Hot Topic. At some point Poppy and I were just standing in the back of the store, just giggling at my phone. I didn't really realize it, as I was wrapped up in the convo, but Poppy pointed it out and I thought it was really funny. Just the image of two hot topic freaks standing alone in an oddly-bare room, huddled in the corner, looking at their phone and busting their asses giggling about the way they message people is SO FUNNY. makes me smile.

Rest in peace.......... end of blog! Goodbye.

Written 02/06/2022