I am a person that really enjoys trying out new things and having new experiences, so instead of doing so with recreational substances, I will now be trying out different foods/candies/etc. because it is safer and you can brag belittle others about how they haven't tried it yet.


Honestly, it is a bit surprising that in my almost-adult years of living I don't remember having radishes, but usually I was not one to adventure with food. Just plain rinsed radishes, they were surprisingly less tangy than I expected! Like the slightly bitter counterpart to watermelon, I really like it.

Written June 17th, 2021


Pickled beets are very soft, and have a sweet, underlying bitter taste to them. I had to concentrate very hard on eating it, as it was a flavor I didn't expect (but should've, considering they are very similar to regular pickles in the "sweet but tangy" flavor). Will probably not try again, but interested in regular beets now.

Written June 18th, 2021