October 28th, 2022

Yesterday I bought a ThinkPad X220 for 100 dollars online.... score. I want to use it in order to learn linux, I don't know which type or distribution, but I guess I'll get to that when the computer gets to me. I am also excited for the keys.. currently I am typing on the Galaxy 360 Pro and the keys fucking suck. They're a little nice, flat, good size, but I'm hoping I will enjoy the ThinkPad keys a bit more and won't be disgusted at them due to my oversaturation of chicklet keys. In this file I will update my progress and experience with this project.

November 11th, 2022

I have gotten the ThinkPad in the mail by now. I am in love. At first, I did not use it much compared to my other laptop. But now, I can safely say that I prefer it. I enjoy the keys that it has (despite it taking a small learning curve to get used to), and I especially love the left and right click buttons that it has, The little red cursor in the center does not have the rubber padding on it, making it hard to use, so I just do without. I enjoy how small and useful it is, and I enjoy getting on the internet with it. It's nice to have a computer that just does what you need it to do. I, so far, have not taken it upon myself to actually install a distribution of Linux (I will probably do Mint for my first run), but that will happen in due time. For now, I am enjoying Windows 10 OS, and it is wonderful. It has my favorite features of 11 (Slideshow randomized screen whenever you open the laptop/before you sign in, with some information on where it's from), and the nostalgia of having the same features as my childhood family computer eventually did with Windows 10 on it. The keyboard is phenomenal. The keys for the trackpad is also amazing. I have already stated this, but I felt the need to state it again. I have yet to use the CD player, and I don't know if it works. I do not plan on using the fingerprint scanner, and I never used it with my older laptop, either. I like the layout, and I like the simplicity of not having many/any applications other than spotify that was already installed. I will potentially get The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, and some Higurashi chapters, but those are really the only games I play. If I want to dedicate my time to games, I just use a console made for that. I will update once I install Linux, if it happens soon.