I felt the need to display my love for neocities. People wanted a re-do of myspace, but this IS myspace in a fundementally better way. When you click on a persons profile, you do not see just another person, with a short description and some photos that they may have taken, or short quippy thoughts they may have wanted to showcase to the world. You can see things about them, sure, but it is in a way that fits the mold just in the same way that everyone else does. There is only so much you can do in these sorts of situations.

With NeoCities, you click on another persons' profile and you see their creative work. You see a piece of art that they have worked on for x amount of time, someone that had a vision that they wanted to execute in real-time. You do not see someone for what they are making other people see of them; it is no longer a perfectly posed sequence of images and string of thoughts that they thought in order to gain traction. It is just them. In fact, I think that NeoCities is probably a deeper level of thought broadcasting, with the amount of digital diaries and longer log entries that you could only dream of in convoluted twitter threads. Modern social media is made for quick, easy, simple, forms of consumption and output, and NeoCities directly juxtaposes that. You can do whatever you please on this platform.

Back to my original thought, I love that on this site you see a neighbor, someone on your activity or the front page, and you can see a part of them that is so full of self-expression and is still (probably) in the process of development. Most active sites are a work in progress, you can see things that inspire you, that make you feel good about what you are capable of, things that you would have never even dreamed about when you think of "Personal Website". Portfolios, sites with one purpose and drive, sites that are just a jumble of whatever someone wanted to put onto it that day. All executed in a way that makes the webmaster happy, and is done so in a way that is easy to navigate for the web surfer.

I love the fact that people take the time to read what I write, that they see what I create, and that I can do the same for other people. It is a fun little containment of "Show and Tell" for all of eternity. Like you are walking in front of the world of a classroom and stating, "Hey, this is what I made for our project to create a website". Everyone thinks of it differently, and everyone gets inspired by other people (possibly). Everyone has to learn from something, and everyone does what they feel deepest in their heart. It is a beautiful thing, really. I like sites that seem as though they haven't fully matured, or are not quite there yet, because it means there is so much room for growth. Maybe that's what a therapist thinks when they take on a client that they know they can work with to be better, except I am not working with anyone. I just want to see your progress from afar, and to cheer you on with a little "Like" to your latest update. Thank you all for viewing my site. I love NeoCities.