So far, I have played Terraria for a total of two days. And let me tell you, I am HOOKED. So, here is where I will be placing logs, my findings, and just things that I like about this game. Enjoy!

What I find to be one of the funniest things about my liking Terraria is that at first, the immediate recognition that I saw within the game was for Minecraft. My brain had compared it to Minecraft, "but different". The thing is, I had never been able to really ENJOY minecraft like I do Terraria. I think one of the things I like the most about this game so far is the 2D simplicity of it all, it allows me to get lost in the design and frivilous things of the game while also being able to explore a cave without wetting my pants

To make things short and to not have this page read 100 meters long, I'm just going to state that so far, I like Terraria. A lot. And what better time to get interested in it? No time like the present. With that, enjoy my Terraria fanpage! Please expect frequent updates :>)

below you will see all of my achievements! i will also include banners as well as the aforementioned. enjoy! :>)


Here is my page for tracking and logging my progress on Terraria! Here I may add my achievements, as well as a general log of my progress. I'll start a few, one for each day so far :)


i am SO NERVOUS!!! for the past few days i have had this problem, and i just forgot about it!! i saved everything to cloud and am re-installing the game so that hopefully everything is working again!! it would just really suck if this was all for nothing!! the "cloud saving" option is just the click of a button, it seems almost too simple to be true!

UPDATE: IT WORKED!!!! i am SO excited to play normally again :D some goals that i have are to find a demon altar, as i have HELLA lenses but idk what to do with them!! i saw in the terraria wiki that you're able to craft things there using your lenses, so wish me luck!!


as of yesterday, terraria has gone through its final update! I would like to go on about how much i've loved watching it develop over the years, but that would be a lie, LOL. but, i will try to share some things that i've noticed from the update while playing! (i didn't want to look on their masterlist, as i wanted most things to be a surprise).

things i have noticed:

- my house is foggy, which occasionally allots for ghosts to come in

- the game is now full-screen, which makes it substancially harder to both take small screenshots of cool things i find as well as change my spotify music ;_;

- the doors automatically open!

- banners have a cool breeze effect when walking past them :)

- there are now regular "scorpions" apart from "black scorpions"

- rats

- "Open Emotes Window" (would be really fun for playing with your friends!!)

- "Open Bestiary", which, does not show all of the monsters that I have slain from day one, just relatively recent ones (RIP pinky)

- "The Bride" Zombie (might not be a consequence of the update)

- zombies can open doors now!! very cool :')


house update (multiplayer mode) as of 05/04/2020! i quite like it so far :>)