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06/28/21: worked on favorites page

06/25/21: updated record collection as well as some other tiny bits of pages.

06/22/21: tinkered with the about page. i am starting to get really pleased with my website, overall. it feels nice.

06/21/21: working on clothing page, get ready for it to be done soon!

06/20/21: finally getting some progress on my favorites sections, just need to add images (and text) and it'll be done!

06/19/21: tweakin the small stuff, like my favorites tab

06/18/21: created a little "food review" sort of thing on my blog, I really like it! Considering making little links for things I want to create in the future, just so that they're there to remind myself and others that it's a page that's coming.. hmm!

06/17/21: slowly but surely transporting jumbled mess of misc files into other parts of my website. goodbye terrible design! hello more constructed and fleshed-out favorites tab :>) lol, all jokes aside i am enjoying this. probably gonna turn some into blog posts and then others into proper categories

06/16/21: today my site hit both 30k views and 30 followers! Thank you all who have been here for so long, and for those just joining!

06/14/21: created a blog, now i have to create a new layout for the misc category.. hmm! gotta brainstorm, lol.

06/12/21: considering making more pages on my general navigation and less in my misc folders... hmm..

06/09/21: images are all done and uploaded! now i gotta work on some more misc files HAHA

06/08/21: focusing on misc page and adding images :>)

06/07/21: updated misc page & about

05/21/21: updating the music page, as well as

03/19/2021-03/20/2021: updated the about page! pretty satisfactory at the moment, made kins and comforts, edited previous nonsense, and am pretty alright with how it looks! just need to tweak a few minor details, and edit more sidebar content for now :>)

02/20/2021: Focusing on the About page, and possibly ADTR fanpage. Want to update some of Wardrobe page as well, at least get a basic foundation for it

02/14/2021: worked on music, and media page! Things WILL be up soon! Do not worry about V-Day, I celebrated yesterday! Will plan to write a bit about that after work and such :>)

02/13/2021: will work on about pages, and possibly music page. Things will be up and running soon!

02/12/2021: updated the about pages! Will do more tomorrow

02/10/2021: for the past few days i have been updating in incredibly small increments, but today i want to seriously revitalize my

about page, and possibly

my music page.

will strike through if it works out!

01/23/2021: today i have realized i hit 22 followers! It may not seem as much but now I am in the 20's, and I think that's so cool :>) Thank you all so much for supporting me! If you're reading this, take a look at my guestbook for a little bit! Gonna try and update music, and possibly create an about page

01/16/2021: about page, tech page, and general navigation (both within the right section and a more elaborate one)

01/15/2021: trying to make a technology page, hopefully i will be able to have that up and running soon! thinking of making a different universal header...

01/09/2021: first post of the new year! i decided to finally unleash the beast (link my home page to my intro page) even though it isn't perfect :>) will try to fix and clean up some things! will post again soon E>

12/23/20: today I realized I have hit 20k views and 4,200 updates! well would you look at that, some lucky numbers! I have recently been swarmed with finals, but am getting better now that I am on break! Hopefully I will have a super amount of time to update.

11/24/20: updated the front page some more, put some stuff i nthe middle and navigation box. also created the adtr fanpage! more pages will come soon E> possibly a jacket progress page?

11/23/20: today i mostly worked on the front page, i'm still wondering what to put within the navigation and middle box. but, things will be up shortly! not like you can see this if you're not following me anyways, aha

11/22/20: i am once again unhappy with the front page. i do have all of this week (11/23-11/29) off for thanksgiving break, so i'm excited to get cracking on some updates! didn't get much at all done today, but i am excited to be back :>)

07/25/20: the music page is almost done! prepare for an opening of this page soon! not just the shitty "sorry, this is a WIP" page!

07/24/20: the music css is FINALLY figured out!! i'll get the contents of the page actually done, & then hopefully this page can be up & running to the public! maybe i'll try and add an indicator that you need to scroll to access here & something else

07/20/20-07/21/20: updated theme of site, removed log, graphics, and old index pages. hope you enjoy the new looK! i'm trying to base it more off of my music taste :>)

today: i realized this site has hit 10.5k views! thank u all! this site isn't much, but i'm really glad that there are so many people interested in flashy anime images!

05/2/20: i keep trying to update the index/home page, hopefully it looks good soon!! no promises tho LOLL!!

04/25/20: i've been working really hard on the adventure time fanpage!! i may need to move the log to a more accessible place for me, as i always forget to update this!! it SUX! i also may need to switch the title on sakura from "interests" to "e-shrines", as i believe it would result in more traction. i work rlly hard on these pages!! i luv making them >:)

04/20/20: attempted to renew/re-design the index page, it has just always been so bad. i have also tried a bit to update the adventure time page, and neither are perfect, but i firmly believe that they will get there eventually. happy 4/20 btw.

02/21/20: updated the "about me" page, (FINALLY) updated the music. I am trying to take more steps towards the special interest pages, instead of crutching on my "about me" page. :/ The OLD OLD OLD about is archived, and i can now free myself from my bad choices of the past without "losing" all of the old and bad work that i have done :) !!! yay!!!

i also believe i'll change the format of these logs, i no longer feel the need to continuously add images, as i am trying to keep these more analytical of my progress rather than my personal progress. this site may be considered personal, though, so take it as you will. i may or may not change the log layout again, as it is somewhat hard to read for my taste.

01/17/20: today i didn't really do much, so i'm sorry for that. i've been in a funk recently, but as you can see from the post below, i DO have things planned for the future. i think i'm just trying to find out what i want to trash from the very beginning of this site as well as building up the motivation to renovate it. i always like starting new things and pages on here, but when it comes to upkeep i get super bored for absolutely no reason, and it kind of sucks :/ i have also recently discovered that hotlinking may be taking its toll on the loading process of this website, please tell me if you experience any slowness! it would be very appreciated :)

UPDATE: i am now going to make a frog page.

01/01/20 - 01/02/20: i've updated the art page ! it's starting to look a lot better & i don't regret working on it, although i neglected what i /said/ i would work on instead. i WILL get to interests under naruto/about me, but that'll probably happen a little while later. stay tuned, it's coming soon, though! i also saw a lot of cool neocities today! keep up the epic work fellas >:)

12/30/19: for the past few updates (sorry i didn't remember to update this page, kinda ironic lolol) i've been figuring out the, what will hopefully be done/known as in the future, "special interests" page & how i will further try & navigate the sasuke section.i will now also be updating this page, as it looks extremely boring. thanks so much for your patience! UPDATE: "redacted" was a handmade birthday card/booklet so that i could try & draw & express things to her that i liked!! i think she liked it, it was rlly fun to make >:)

UPDATE^2: it is updated!! (this log page, the interests page needs WORK)

11/1/19 - 11/2/19: these days i worked a bit on this site, i added a bunch of links and tried to make it a bit more personal & not so ugly-looking!! something i also did that took me FOREVER for some reason was learning to make a div aspect (however u say it) inside of another one! this way i can have tWo backgrounds, aw yeahhhh B))))) anyway!! i might update later when i get home, idkidk!! prepare for more updates in the future! sorry i wasn't updating for so long fellas, i had to prepare [redacted] for my friend!! >:) (she can see this so i don't want her peeking, i still gotta give it to her tomorrow (her birthday party!!)

10/20/19: i made this blog!! yay!! i had a few ups and downs, and i DEFINITLEY needed to look up a lot of stuff, but it was pretty good so far! i have a lot of work to do after this, but this is a good start i think!! i wasn't able to work on this all day, i had other things to do, but i think i got pretty far for how long i was able to work on it! i'm pretty excited to see where this is gonna go! how far i'm gonna come! i think this will be interesting >:) anyway.. i would keep working on this tonight but it's almost 11 & i got school!! i may b dumb but i'm not that dumb

TLDR; it's been an interesting first day & a fella's gotta go 2 sleep!!

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Hello, I am CelebrityMonkey. I am a super cool internet presence, and this is my website. The purpose of such is to express myself, both in regards of music and book taste, as well as various other interests that I will pick up that'll inevitably fade away. To the left, you may find the all site updates that I have made, or at least the ones I remembered to write, and to your right you will see a general site map. Feel free to browse, and if you need it, here is a SITE DiRECTORY. Have Fun!

Oh, back for more? Still here? Well, I may fall short of delivery, but I might be able to explain a few things a bit more! This site is constantly updating different things when i remember about it, so that means:

  • This site may look different than how you left it
  • I may get bored and decide to completely change the layout (hopefully not for a while, though! you may see my previous site versions whenever you click on a faulty link.
  • There will always be fun little pages that you have not discovered yet lying around! Above the site directory is found, which may help guide you in that area a bit more

    Below you will find my site links (outside of neocities, of course), and as for this page... there isn't much else. Now that's all i got, take a look around, things are waiting for you for goodness sake!

  • (Sorry if I talk too fancy-like, I enjoy trying to express myself in a concise way, and I like making a good impression :>) it is certainly not for everyone, but in other pages I may be a bit more lax! Who knows, haha)

    Here are those socials I was talking about earlier. Feel free to visit! You can even shoot me a message if you so please :>)

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