we have been besties 4evaaaa i love u so so so so so soso sosos so so so muchhhh i will definitely update this soon when words feel like exiting my noggin... sadly they do not right now. it is okkay, though! as my roomie u get to see tokens of my joy and appreciation for u every day and night, my love for u all is boundless. it knows no bounds. it is infinite and skyrocketing, pummeling into the sky. if u were to ever say anything wrong i would simply change the cultural understanding of our language in order for ur words to be correct. thank you for being there for me throughout, our love will never die /p *less than three because codidng is a bitch and will apparently not let me type it out?!? FELLOW NEOCITERS HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE LACK OF HEARTS IN NEOCITIES. I HATE THIS* EEE> EEEE> found a loophole lolol

Anyways, you all are so dear to me. Not everyone, as of yet, but Cil... YOU DEFINITELY ARE gimme kibs. i wish i could wear your flesh as a skinsuit just to show u how much love i have stored for u in my brain. spoiler alert: it is a lot!! Just two gals enjoying a lifetime of happiness, what more could we ask for.. spoiler alert: NOTHING!!!


I am so proud of how far you have come; how far the both of us have come. we are both getting so much healthier and better and i couldn't ask for anything else. i wish to see nothing but success for you, and i know it is possible. living with you feels like paradise. it feels like what i have been waiting for all of my life. THIS is what i wanted. THIS is the future i was hanging onto a thread for. emotions are hard to fathom and comprehend, so i hope that you understand just how much all of this means to me. Thank you.