poppy i hope u kno u are like, literally my bestie. i lauv u. (it is a little funny, ending the paragraph is like the tone tag /platonic LMFAO.

but fr i seriously enjoy your presence. the ability to text, we are both so expressive and i love it!! thanks for being there for me through thick and thin, and if you ever need anything feel free to ask! it is so odd being able to say that we met in elementary school even though i don't remember much from back then .. o_o just glad we re-met at a later time, haha! you are one of the sweetest and most honest people i know of, and are very .. for lack of better words, you're one smart cookie! believe it! sorry, had to reference naruto for a second LMFAO. but truly, i hope we can hang out more sometime!! it would be so fun ^__^

i also really like that we both have similar interests, i have never once felt judgement from you. which, for me, is a really big thing! i absolutely adore you, i hope you know that! my little clowncore bestie westie HAHAHA. virtual hugs!!