Hello, I am CelebrityMonkey.

I like to share personal things on my personal website (celebritymonkey.neocities.org), and use it as a general form of self expression on the internet. I have a distaste for how invasive modern social media tends to be, and wish to do away with all of it. I currently own a smart phone and am in the process of deleting the social media that I find has no purpose to me. I use "Minimalist Phone" UI.

My hobbies include cleaning/decluttering, trying to work out, bones, pressing flowers, reading, journaling, sewing/arts and crafts, and a few more things that I only do once in a blue moon. I really enjoy the looks of old grandma/old lady things, as well as dark things. I think the juxtaposition of the both look really nice. I have a few disorders, but I no longer think they have a parasitic hold on my brain (though, they are definitely relevant to my core beliefs). I try not to identify with my thoughts or ailments. My 'autism' is widely peer-reviewed and speculated, but not medically recognized. Thank God, because trans rights are being stripped away in Missouri.

I have come to realize that I have more friends, and am generally more likeable, than I thought. It is a nice realization. Branch out, talk despite being nervous, take the effort to sustain your relationships, and you might find the same.

I am a 19 year old in the midwest. I like a variety of music, and a variety of things. I like organization. I like cats and dogs equally. I use my left and right brain equally (supposedly). My favorite color is either black or periwinkle. I like wearing black, brown, and muted, simple colors. What else is there to share ... ?


Instagram: adog10102

Email: celebrity1monkey@gmail.com