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More things about me, why not? This round is oddly-specific...


- Kettle corn. I eat a lot of it.

- old lady stuff. it's nice and reminiscent

- weird personality quizzes

- when people mind their business and are able to be comfortable in silence

- people who find importance of self-expression

- Marie Kondo. Nuff said.

- Neocitites, the proof is that u are reading this at all.

- dogs and cats. i don't have much experience with cats, though

- my dog, clyde. he is my favorite housemate.

- low-maintenance friendships

- decluttering my posessions. or at least, getting rid of junk that i have hoarded that doesn't mean anything to me anymore. weight off of my shoulders

- violet mints (delicious. try them out! they taste almost perfume-y)

- buying silly things that make me smile, like Minecraft Uno.

- Heartfelt letters


- excessive singing or whistling

- when people call you "sweetie" or "honey" too much. it seems condescending at some point. once or twice is okay, but... i have a name.

- horror movies that feel like they could happen in real life

- tiktok and other media that is designed to keep you on it for as long as possible

- social media in general

- people who won't talk on the phone with me. i'm not going to give more info to facebook messenger, lol.

- yogurt, it tastes exactly like what it's made of

- birthday parties

- murders' whose basis for killing women was that they were "whores" or something.. be original.

- the feeling of long hair touching me

- minimalism. but also capitalism, I think you don't have to have one or the other. Not being wasteful doesn't mean you have to look boring as fuck.

- knowing no other way of expressing thought other than an FRQ... which is evident in my blog


I'm celebritymonkey, and i like doing basic coding! I'm not the best at javascript, but sometimes i'll look up a tutorial for things if i am in dire need of more user-interactive costructs. some things that I like are:

higurashi when they cry (2006, Gou), Twilight, Psychological Horror, Gothic Rock, minecraft, terraria, stardew valley, halo 4, sewing, music (both in a classical/playing and modern/listening sense), painting, trying out new crafts, etc.

I am also slowly getting keen on liking things for myself :>) No more TV just with others!

some things i don't like are:

radical feminists (as well as TERF's) ideology and literature, being wasteful, technology addiction

honestly it was pretty hard thinking of things on the spot, so i hope these lists are satisfactory! need more info?

I have a red and black themed website, not to be edgy or mysterious or some other pompous asshole reason, but because red is my favorite color and I enjoy black and blah blah blah, it just looks nice! I think I pull it off well, though :>) It is very practical, I either decide on white, black or red, and I don't have to worry about clashing. The lack of decision makes my brain at least 60% more wrinkled and advanced.

sidenote: you will find a lot of titles on thigs, so feel free to hover over whatever, even if it isn't a link.

I am not particularly proud of this page yet, so it is subject to change. Don't know when that will happen, but I appreciate y2k's way of running their About Page (just because of how many facts they have about them and that you feel you get to "know" them without it being truly invasive), so expect something a bit different soon!

Update: I am cool with this page. Don't know if I will delete the thing above, but for now I'll keep it.