Bits of Neocities that I feel compelled to bookmark. Could possibly be described as my favorite creations by other users.

mona lisa - celebritymonkey

Fun Fact: This was created by me! I wanted to include the one piece of art I have created that is my favorite of all time, albiet being a doodle with colored pencil. My favorite part about it is the depiction of beauty within "ugly" or "sickly" traits. Now as to not take away from other users, their artworks and creations will be found below!

glitch1 - silverfishe

This image was created by neocities user Silverfishe, and I felt compelled to create this page upon seeing it. I really appreciate the style and use of (possibly) animals (i assumed this was a cat, but cannot tell the source of the eyes) in order to convery dissaray and, what at least reminds me of, dissociation. Love at first sight!

particle cube - silverfishe

I am an absolute sucker for user-interactive parts of websites and creations in general, so at least one of these had to make the list. Color me impressed and amused, I really enjoy the simplicity of this bit.

mana sama - bizarredollhouse

Created by BizzareDollHouse. I adore this art style and heavily enjoy the texture and subject of this painting. I really enjoy your pieces and thought this deserved its spot here. Thank you so much for sharing!

doodle - bizarredollhouse

I also really enjoy this digital art style, as it shows texture (albiet, in a different manner) and has a really nice atmosphere that I hope to encapsulate as time progresses.

"tears of the longing to be understood" -

I really enjoy the color scheme of this piece, as well as the animalistic gutteral feel of it.

how to treat someone you love - kawaiiwizard3000

I really like this zine. It is artistically inclined while being informative and caring. I like how it is so wholesome.