Love is a powerful concept. Born from man, it comes in many forms, many types. Platonic, Familial, Romantic, and probably more. Love is a confusing thing to me, sometimes. To give enough, or too little. It is confusing. But one thing I think I will always stand firm on is the power of self-love.

To treat yourself kindly, to give yourself chances and allow yourself to mess up, to truly love yourself despite all of your flaws is the most radical thing out there. It is an extreme power, being able to be kind through hardship. And you can even be kind to yourself.

Many have different cognitive distortions, popularized thought patterns that make you feel like shit, and don't know what to do with them. They often spiral, or accidentally make things worse. Some recognize their ill behavior and thoughts but cannot find a way out, feel trapped in the state that they are in because they truly do not know any better.

I believe self-love can be practiced through self care, positive self talk, and discipline.


Self care can look like many things, but know I am not talking of the over-generalized trend of face masks and cucumbers on the eye. Self care doesn't rely on skincare or makeup or having a spa day. It is many things bundled into one blanket statemtent. It can look like eating enough, or drinking enough water, or making sure you're able to have some downtime in between working and other duties.