My favorite TV Shows and Films.

CREEP (2014) - This film is one of my all-time favorites of the horror genre. I am really into the found-footage aspect of it, and the acting is splendid. I feel quite similar to the main character. As seen in one of my recent (03/30/22) blogs, I relate to the main character (Joseph). I, too, am a little freak on the inside that derives delight from scaring others (when intended). I just want acceptance. Although his tales and ways of expressing love are deranged, I can see bits of myself within him. In order to not need to see blood in real life, I just browse on the internet. It is not hard to find. The homoerotic, albiet one-sided, love between Aaron and Joseph is amazing. The phone call.. the attempt to leave.. the inevitable downfall. It is beautiful and very well composed.

CREEP 2 (2017) - I love this movie more than the first, which is surpisingly able to happen. It is my favorite of this series, I LOVE the energy Sara ( I think that is her name) gives off, her attempts to scare him just as he does to her. She plays off of him, he is a feature of HER film. She does not film him for HIS film, rather, it's the other way around. I was wishing the best for them. I thought this could really be true love, but I think playing off of someone for views is a different form of love. It's just using them. It's a form of insincere flattery, a form of mockery. She probably just thinks he is weird. I also appreciate the backstory found in this film. Amazing!

HARD CANDY (2006) - I love the message. I first saw it on Netflix and was dissapointed a few years back to realize it was no longer on there. I really enjoy the forms such a young person can absolutely obliterate such an older man. I love the message. I love the ending. I love the power, the ability to fight back. I wish I had that power. Elliot Page did an amazing job in this and just so happened to be my gay awakening. I love boyish people in general.

THE REGULAR SHOW (2010) - I really enjoy the regular show. I don't really watch it often, but I appreciate it. It is very nostalgic to me. I also appreciate the fantasy ways that they portray genuine issues. I love rigby. I thought I was him at some point. I hope I can be him. I love Eileen, as well. They are such a cute couple. I like quoting from it in real life. I also enjoy Mordecai and Rigby's dynamic, they are such good friends. Through time and time again, they prevail. Even when they hurt one another, they are able to work through it instead of ghosting them (something I want to hopefully work on). They are truly an inspiration.

DEATH NOTE (2006) - I really like Death Note. I wish to someday own the black and white copies of the manga someday. I used to watch this show with my brother, and he rage quit when L died. So, the introduction of Near and Mello are not as nostalgic for me, and I tend to lose passion at that point. I enjoy watching the dramatics, and I LOVE the background music for the mind-reeling events/spirals Light goes through. There is also an interesting dynamic between Light and L. Throughout all the suspicion, they are civil towards one another, and if in different circumstances, I could see them genuinely being friends. They are also an inspiration.

HORSE GIRL (2020) - Let me preface this movie with this: I Find this film triggering. You can watch it on netflix, but it really sends me into spirals. I can only sometimes watch it. It covers psychosis and dissociation, things that I vaguely deal with. I will find myself connecting so much to the main character that it makes me insane. The ending pisses me off. One of those, "HER DELUSIONS WERE REAL!!!" type of things. But, since the entire film is shown in HER perspective, I think it is interpretable. You can choose to believe it really happened, or is just what her brain interprets to happen. I find it interesting, but I can only watch it every once in a while (think: once a year or so) in order to prune myself.

THE OA (2016) - This show is also VAGUELY triggering. Not on a huge level, a very minute version of what Horse Girl gives me. It makes me contemplate a lot. I think about myself, and that I, too, have very distinct phases of life that go under different names. Each segment of personality knows a new name. But it is all me. I am an integrated self, yet I dissassociate what I do from my past. It is an interesting dynamic. The second season didn't pique my interest quite as much because it, at first, didn't show the original cast. But, I am very saddened to see that it will not be continued. I absolutely adored this show, and hoped to see everyone together. It would've been amazing. I highly recommend watching. It is on Netflix.

KING OF THE HILL (2010) - I really enjoy King Of The Hill. It was SUCH a progressive show for its time. Both displaying the ideal American Dream trope, as well as pointing out the flaws in those individuals who live that lifestyle. So beautiful. I also really like the rules of animating KoTH, really funny.

SAW (2004, 2005, 2006) - I think these movies function very well as a trilogy. I really enjoy these films, and I have a fanpage for them. I adore the message of the saw movies. I think one of the reasons I enjoy gore and true crime so much is that 1. It is fun to look at, 2. It keeps me from acting on impulses, 3. It makes me appreciate my life better to be able to see how ugly people look when they have freak accidents. Or overdoses. Or when their corpse is just not taken care of post-death, it just makes them look really ugly. I want to die naturally, of old age or carbon monoxide poisoning. Whichever comes my way first.

TWILIGHT (2008) - I really adore the Twilight Saga. I like the 2000s look of it, and it has always felt nostalgic to me. It feels good to be able to openly, un-ashamed, like my interests. Twilight being one of them. I think Edward AND Jacob both cross Bella's (unspoken, common sense) boundaries in a multitude of ways. They are both evil. I appreciate Jasper and Alice's dynamic. Plus, Edward is judgy as fuck about Alice. Rude. Plus, why didn't the movie have that blood testing scene from the first book???? WE WERE ROBBED!!! That scene was so ironic and funny. It would've been so cool.

BAD GIRLS CLUB (2006) - I really enjoy Bad Girls Club. Obviously, some seasons are better than others. I really wish Hulu had more of the original seasons on it, some iconic scenes I am being deprived of!! I like seeing these girls fight. Some people around me don't get reality TV, but I enjoy this show sometimes. It makes me more confident in myself, in an odd way. I think seeing them instantly fight about their issues makes me simply speaking up about my boundaries and enforcing them both A) makes me learn from their mistakes and B) makes it seem not as bad! Yas! It's a win-win! I think this show is WAY more 2000s Than Twilight could ever be, it shows the true fashion of the times. My favorite season, 7, shows Uggs. Uggs! Judy is so gorgeous I wish I could just hug her. Tiara is also very gorgeous. I hate NASTASIA> SO FUCKING ANNOYING. she acts like judy's issues with drinking are her personal little project to keep up with and micromanage. So irritating. I probably did not see a lot of things behind the scenes, but she acts all high and mighty.

DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004) - Movie about a zombie apocalypse. My friend said that this is what Left 4 Dead is based off of.... very interesting. I made a joke about it being entangled before I was told about that. I really like the visuals, every single minute of this movie is so great to watch and captures your vision and interest completely. The intro is so packed with action, the title sequence shows backstory to how everything is happening, it's so good. I recently watched this movie called the 12 hour shift on hulu, it was a lot of shit in one movie. It seems like if American Psycho was supposed to be for real.... super overdone, makes you think, "WTF".

AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000) - I know. I know. Super oversaturated to the public eye right now, which is why I watched it. I like how they don't try to confirm or deny the reality that they are displaying to you... they just showcase it. It feels like a true testimony people who question their own reality. I appreciate that while most signs point to it not being based in truth, the realtor acting so suspicious is one of the minor keys making you question, but wait, I thought that wasn't real? Maybe the realtor wasn't real. Maybe she was lying. Maybe he was thinking of her normal words to be insidious and knowing of his evil deeds, despite him "never" committing them at all. I love the potential nuance to this film, and I love the fact that so many things are open-ended. I also enjoy how it is a parody of "yuppie culture", but I'm not interested in that as much as mental disturbance. Yuppie culture is nothing to me. Some may like to question and think about things they disagree with, and I do that sometimes as well, but usually I do what I feel.

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