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This is my sweet sweet iPod Classic Generation 4! I got one that was 30GB and I recieved it with a bit more than 1,000 songs on it (some of the artists including Elton Jon).

I plan on loading it with some albums from my favorite music artists, but for right now, I can't bring myself to rid of all of these classics >___< . Anyways, I love this thing, and I will update soon! Though, recently, I seemed to have lost my earbuds so I can't listen to much right now, haha "^_____^

as of 03/20/2021, there seem to be issues with the battery! i will try to charge it while at work, but i think I will need to get a replacement... if anyone has any tips, feel free to message me, please!

This is the record player that I own, I really like it because it helps me play music. That's about all it does, but I hold things like college stickers and my class ring and an orchestra award pin on it, little knickknacks like that. it's an absolute necessity in my room!

Update: I got it! Pretty pleased, it has all I need and more. A notes app, runs on a KaiOs operating system (which means... google :>( ), which can be convenient if I need directions or something. On some phone calls I apparently lag or something, but apart from that one person, there doesn't seem to be many issues. Now all that's left is to unsubscribe from the services that are clogging my messages..

Who needs cable when you have the passwords to a few subscription services? In all seriousness though, I basically almost grew up on Roku devices, they have quite a lot of services that you can add to them (all of the most popular name brands and some), and it's pretty convenient. In conclusion: families should share passwords more, it's cheaper that way.

02/14/2021: In the future I DO plan to get a flip phone! I plan to post here about that once I get one, but as of right now I must go through all of my image gallery on my current smartphone in order to figure out which photos go on a thumbdrive and which ones are printed.... I used to have 16k images if that gives you any idea of how much I have been working on.... youch! Anyways, I only have a few folders left to renovate, so I will probably get one in the next few months! It's a big change, but be looking forward to it! I know I am :>)

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