This is my sweet sweet iPod Classic Generation 4! I got one that was 30GB and I recieved it with a bit more than 1,000 songs on it (some of the artists including Elton Jon).

I plan on loading it with some albums from my favorite music artists, but for right now, I can't bring myself to rid of all of these classics >___< . Anyways, I love this thing, and I will update soon! Though, recently, I seemed to have lost my earbuds so I can't listen to much right now, haha "^_____^

as of 03/20/2021, there seem to be issues with the battery! i will try to charge it while at work, but i think I will need to get a replacement... if anyone has any tips, feel free to message me, please!

02/14/2021: In the future I DO plan to get a flip phone! I plan to post here about that once I get one, but as of right now I must go through all of my image gallery on my current smartphone in order to figure out which photos go on a thumbdrive and which ones are printed.... I used to have 16k images if that gives you any idea of how much I have been working on.... youch! Anyways, I only have a few folders left to renovate, so I will probably get one in the next few months! It's a big change, but be looking forward to it! I know I am :>)

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