TV TITLE: Death Note

RATING: 4 Stars

GENRE: Horror/Anime

SYNOPSIS: This shows the story of a Highschooler, Light Yagami, who picks up a Death Note and everything that follows with the newfound power of it.

To me, Death Note is REALLY nostalgic, so for spurts of time I will get into it again. I really enjoy the soundtrack, and feel like the music and super over-the-top, dramatic animation is what separates it from the manga. I would like to own the manga for myself some day, but we'll see about it. The overall storytelling never fails me, and there are obvious reasons as of why this series did so well.

As for characters, I feel the cast is so diverse in what roles they play, that most could see bits of themselves in every character. At least, that seems to be the case for me, haha. But, there IS one special character for me that tops the cake..... REM! I LOVE Rem, her design is so fucking cool, I especially love her tie to Misa Amane. The description of the Shinigami that fell in love and died for it, tying it to the cast... it was an "ah-ha" moment that was really nice!

Growing up, I watched anime with my older brother. One of which being Death Note, so in a sense it is really nice to re-watch everything with a fresh pair of lenses on. It was really fun to watch with him; but, after the death of a certain character, my brother stopped watching all-together. Due to this, Near and Mello's appearance was really odd! It stopped being as nostalgic, so sadly, I went from binging and binging the show to finding it hard to have myself watch. To this day I still haven't finished watching it, but I will eventually... whenever that is. For now, I'll enjoy the earlier episodes.

REWATCHABILITY: Very re-watchable, but due to issues stated like above, I tend to falter.