If you cannot read something because of the (cool) image below, look no further. This page will be made to be really really long just so that this does not happen to you.

I am starting to get really bored with the design of my website and need change right now I don't know I need it really bad so I am creating this page instead of changing the entire layout of my site because I like how it looks right now so I'm not going to do anything rash for now.

My love for twilight began when I was a youngling. I was at a babysitters house, and the bigger kids were watching it. Bella was in a chair, in the cold, and she stabbed her leg with a rock. Jacob was there. My peer yelled, "BELLA, NOO!!!" and I was amazed. I have no recollection of what else happens, and when I rewatch twilight, I don't know what scene this is supposed to be. I literally don't know if this scene is a dream or not. A year or so ago, I engrossed myself in the series, and loved the sense of nostalgia it gave me. I also liked being able to see a (twisted) true love come to play. As I grew, I liked being able to understand that team edward or jacob should not be taking place, and team charlie is a better option here. I think bella should've just rekindled her relationship with her dad instead of going out with some creep who would stalk her until she developed a mutual, parasitic, obsession. It's so messed up! But the scenery in the movies are really cool. The blood lab test scene isn't in the film.. probably didn't have the budget.. WE WERE ROBBED!!!

Written a bit ago, that last paragraph showed my love for Twilight. In recent times, Hot Topic came out with Twilight merch. You bet your ass I bought some. I got a team edward shirt and a shirt with Bella and Edward lying on one another. It looks kind of stupid, but I like it. I wish I could've gotten a Team Jacob shirt but they didn't have my any size in stores, so I wasn't able to get one. I also got a jacket that I really like, it's super soft. Around a year or so ago, I got team edward and jacob water bottles and I still have them. I don't use them, out of fear or something, they just seem old and tinn-y, but I love having them. I want to buy team edward shoelaces I saw on ebay once. Those would be sick as fuck. My favorite movie of Twilight is probably just the first one, one of the later ones is pretty good (The one where they go camping and Bella for some reason has to sleep near jacob, shirtless, because he's warm-blooded..... why did Stephanie Meyer do that). I also like the one where Bella gets scared of aging old and dying so she turns into a vampire. It reminds me of being trans somehow, I think it's really funny. People fearing aging like the sex they were born as so much that they take hormones, except Bella's hormones was vampirism.


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