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[redacted] - 16 - white

my general interests include drawing, watching television, and editing this website! i really enjoy all of these, and i am so sorry to anyone subscribed to my neocities, as my updating regime is HORRENDOUS. i will update so many times just to figure out if something looks good instead of doing everything i want to in huge chunks (which is what i'm working on).

i usually am not very good at "about me"'s, so i'll just say now that if you sift through the interests (sakura) page you will be sure to learn a lot of what i like to read/watch/listen to! so i won't put that here :)


drawing/crafts, terraria, MSP, homestuck, (emo) music, playing cello, horror as a genre, MLP, house MD, etc.


"yandere" people, ppl shitting on content just for their fans, country music, small talk, lineart, long nails, etc.


* i really like orange juice

* this website is a huge thing mixed up of whatever i'm feeling in the moment, meaning that the layout will probably change a LOT before you ever see it settle

* i eat eggs (with the runny middle, they are so tasty >:>D)

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