[redacted] - she/her - 16

i'm so sorey if this information is lacking!! i'm rlly good at talking someone's ear off, but when it comes to talking about my interests & who i am i come to a stop!! i get confused oopsoops


(please keep in mind that these aren't in any order, but feel free to talk to me about any of them!!

some things that i really enjoy doing consist of:

- blabcgabsdkjbfasdbfakdf

- i really enjoy listening to music, and sharing my music tastes with others, as i just like hearing new music that i could possibly like :P my fav genres r probably "emocore" music, easycore, and sometimes i like to add in d&b :)

- also rlly like updating this website!! i really enjoy learning all that i can with HTML5, and i know everything on here isn't much, but i just hope that this website will always keep updating & will continue to be an accurate reflection of my skills

- i really like drawing, painting, and doodling (even if i don't find the motivation to do it sometimes)

- SOMETIMES do i enjoy a friendly debate, it kind of comes with being an ENTP (RIP, even when i've had some bad experiences with arguing, i sometimes can't help trying to prove myself to be correct --> but this is usually ONLY when the person agrees)

here are a few things that i like to do, i'll hopefully make this page more concise as time goes by & i learn how to word all of this!!

here you'll find the music that i like sorted into playlists! :P

they're mostly distinguished by genre/feeling the songs evoke, i hope u like some of them!!

01 soft, v3v

* most of these playlists will be updated as time passes!

this webiste is coming by bit by bit, so thank u for holding on!