page TWO!!

this webiste is coming by bit by bit, so thank u for holding on!

i may think of more things to add to my "about me" later, but as of right now i have no idea what else to put!! AAHAHHHHHHHAHHHH

PLEASE give me suggestions if u can!!


01. my favorite form of protein is chicken :)


03. my favorite drinks are either chocolate milk or a fruit juice, but not mixed together

04. the ability of expression and creation is something that intruiges me the most. i.e.. this website, alongside with other artistic outlets such as painting and drawing. i like the idea of using something not typically associated with the arts and somehow making the connection anyways :)

05. although i am not athletic, i want to someday be strong. can you smell the conflict? however, i do like to push my limits sometimes so this can apply to running. i hope that someday in the future i WILL become buff, but for now, i will remain just as scrawny as ever.