Why make a wardrobe page?

As a fan of minimalism and the Marie Kondo method, I find it just as useful to take photos and put them all in one spot as it is to put your clothing in a pile to sort them. This website is my pile. I think if an item isn't important enough to upload, then maybae I shouldn't have it.

I was first inspired by fashion sites on neocities, displaying thier wardrobe for all to see. It always looks so pleasing, so I wanted my own way of conducting such. I really enjoy fashion, and being able to see all of my most prized articles of clothing in one place also inspires me to dress better for myself, and allows me to easily think of outfits without having to bring them all out. I am my own little paper doll game, and this page shows my options. Hopefully the average viewer also finds joy in thinking of new outfits. (I sure do on other people's pages, LOL).