Sometimes, when Certain People come over

i feel very sad. I cannot shake this feeling, and i often feel the need to cry.

Suddenly, i am on National Geographic, the music is suspensful, and i need to hide or else i will be shredded from the inside out, my carcass and innards discarded onto the dirt that they step on, claiming me as nothing again.

My fight or flight is activated within their presence, and i need to flee. or else something bad will happen, and i know it within my very being, i can feel it within my bones.

I usually blame it on the Lunar tides, "If only the Moon didn't exist, then you wouldn't even feel these emotions at all. Her waves are too powerful for you, they influence you too much", i tell myself. Yet, I know, that somehow that would not be the case.

Will I continue to feel this way until I die? How I wish to not give up so much power to such a powerless person. They do not deserve my fears, my avoidance. I wish to someday be able to tell them to


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