Hello, welcome to CelebrityMonkey. A personal website where I constantly try out new themes and layouts in order to, hopefully, one day create one that looks like a real website. Anything created would be a "real" website, but I want to make one that looks like people would actually browse it.

There is no specific goal within this site, except to just share things about myself, and possibly things that I have learned (seen in blog). I like creating PNGs to decorate my site with using IbisPaintX, and think that they can be very cute. I have many nooks and crannies that have been developed over the years that you can look through here, so I hope that you enjoy.



If you would like the secret to browsing this site, I put titles over almost everything. If you hover over the flower, title, and numbers 0-10, you will find everything I have to offer. "0" is a button to go back to my homepage, and 1-10 are various things that I wanted to put up here. To the left, there are also more links, some functional, some not. Please enjoy, because I do.

My cat is currently sitting on my lap, she is a very fluffy gray kitten. I think she finds it really entertaining when text is highlighted or more is created, because she almost moves to get up each time that I do it. I think it is cute. I like her warmth on my stomach.

Site Goals:

  • upload artworks
  • images for technology page
  • create higurashi when they cry fanpage
  • make pages look better
  • condense things maybe?
  • make misc. links functional
  • update wardrobe or remove it as it is being updated
  • update tech
  • update ADTR page
  • update guestbook coloring
  • update Deftones fanpage
  • Create Pony fanpage
  • update saw page
  • create pierce the veil or anthony green fanpage
  • update linux log
  • create gallery/upload images LOLL
  • PNG tutorial
  • DBT resources/tutorial/experience?
  • room tour 2
  • photos of CDS
  • photos of cases
  • CD review above music page?
  • More reviews for the CD page
  • ...


    01/24/23: Added neocities buttons to bottom & center of home page. Finally created 8: Gallery page. Phew! Lots of data entry.

    01/23/23: Updated wardrobe/blog to have home button, updated blog. Added to tracks page and credited NeoCities on home page.

    01/22/23: Updated home page to be more functional (code-wise), as well as link errors I found.

    01/17/23: Updated blog for new year, updated Deftones fanpage, created recent tracks page. May delete tracks page and create a new one, it's a little redundant.

    11/15/22: Created Twilight page, updated fanpages to be more functional. Added anime girl to site. More updates to come.

    11/14/22: Finished CD Page Layout, it is now released. Trying to figure out height percentage for the main div.

    11/11/22: New blog post, 003: "I Love Neocities". Todays date is kind of cool.

    11/10/22: Created display of CD Case, updated E-mail.

    11/09/22: Updated ADTR Fanpage and created new post on Blog ("002: Seeing 'Me'"). Created this weblog.



    Pleased with my site.. pleased with my life.. things are good. :>)