I am not much of a gamer, but here's what I occasionally enjoy spending time on...



I absolutely LOVEEEE love LOVE higurashi, it is probably one of the only franchises that I would own an anime figure for.. so cute. Currently playing Chapter 1 with my roomate, and hopefully we will get to the other ones! Will update with time, probably gonna create my own higurashi fanpage :>) i just love it so much..


I started this game quite a while ago... i have yet to finish it, but i really like it! It's a 2000's Facebook-old internet setup, and lets you choose pre-thought messages in order to navigate this social group that you've had for a while, as you just now get on the new craze that is! nothing too crazy, but i like how it stays true to the facebook spirit by only being a LITTLE bit customizable. very nice and interesting to uncover the truth and drama!


This game is pretty fun, but I just want to find that basil person. i do not want to do sidequests!!! Maybe someday I will pick this game up again, but on my current laptop it just.. kept having this all black screen? and I wouldn't be able to save my file or anything through Mari, I could only hear the music. I really like the themes of mental illness though, so who knows. maybe i'll finish this game someday.


I used to love this game a year ago, but now i just kind of fell out of it. It was really nice while it lasted, though! here's a fanpage that i made about it in the height of my terraria craze, LOL. Enjoy!


I simply do not play this game as much anymore! I enjoy the memories I have made with it, and i could pick it up again and play for a little bit, but i simply am not balls to the walls obsessed with it anymore, and that is okay! things come and go a lot in life. the funny thing, though, is that i never really got GOOD at this game. i am still fearful of level 5 mines and above.


when i first got into this game about a year ago, i thought it was pronounced "Live" (as in live love laugh, not singing "live" on stage). as i am typing live doesn't look like a real word anymore. help. anyways rhythm games slap and i got pretty good at it, too. i could still play it i guess, i just got SUPER into it for a while and now i am not. my favorite bands were Hello Happy World (the main yellow eyed girl in it just had such a cool character design) and my favorite band to PLAY was Rosalia. Their songs are so good... nice. I also really enjoy that BanG Dream has cover songs, it's really neat! The flat screen was hard to transition to compared to lovelive, but it's definitely an upgrade.



I really like the graphics of this game, and even though the swarm of zombies can be overwhelming, it is quite fun. I like it most on the Xbox, but PC is fun on occasion. I feel bad playing co-op, due to my lack of skill.


Minecraft is one of my favorite games. I'm not super much of a gamer, or good at the game, I am super scared of caves... but it is still really fun. I love building and creating. I like how much versatility there is in the game, how much you can do. I play the game on Java, on my laptop sometimes. I really like some functions of it, how much new there is to do. I also really like playing it on Xbox 360, the nostalgia is so awesome. I also hate the new cave update.... it scares me so bad HAHAHA i'll try not to pussy out with this game but.. i love farming and building nice houses with many rooms just like in real life. I LOVE building, it's my favorite.


I love this game so much. You can play it over and over and never get tired of it (i mean sometimes i will get a little burnt out, but i always come back to it). "Ragequitting" is frequent. I adore finding new and new things, unlocking all of the items that I can. this game is so silly and fun to play, highly recommend!



Left 4 Dead was a game that I used to play with my brother and sister, and it was super fun for me. I played the Xbox 360 version I think, and even though I don't remember much about the game itself, it was still super fun. I'm planning on getting it for PC sometime soon.


SSB is really nostalgic for me. I grew up playing this game with my brother, and although I would often get frustrated due to my being inept compared to him, it was alright. It's fun for me to go back to every now and again, and although I am quite rusty, it's pretty nice.


Any of the Halo games are quite nostalgic, but I specifically remember playing Halo 3 and 4 with my brother a lot as a kid. good times.