Please feel free to see all of the technology I use. I try to include as much as possible.

No Image Available This is my cell phone. It's pretty recent, 2020 I think, and it works like a charm. It's a samsung phone, and does all i need it to, like spotify, messaging, the internet, e-mails, banking, and even photo editing and (limited) social media. You probably know this, they are very widespread, but I thought I would say what I use it for anyways. I don't really play games on my phone. I was never too super huge into them. They get boring and time-mining anyways.
No Image Available This is my laptop! I like to mostly edit my website on this, and occasionally play games and draw. It's a 360 Samsung laptop that comes with a pen, so that's pretty neat. I use it when I can/want to, which isn't super often, but it's still amazing to have. It can't handle high-energy games like roblox and other, high-storage, big games like Alien, but I still like it. I think it does what I need it to do, which isn't that much.

This is my sweet sweet iPod Classic Generation 4! I got one that was 30GB and I recieved it with a bit more than 1,000 songs on it (some of the artists including Elton Jon).

I plan on loading it with some albums from my favorite music artists, but for right now, I can't bring myself to rid of all of these classics. Anyways, I love this thing, and I will update soon! Though, recently, I seemed to have lost my earbuds so I can't listen to much right now, haha.

as of 03/20/2021, there seem to be issues with the battery! i will try to charge it while at work, but i think I will need to get a replacement... if anyone has any tips, feel free to message me, please!

as of 06/21/22, this thing collects dust... maybe I will bring it to a replacement shop? I would like it to be working, but we will see.. I have no idea.

This is the record player that I own, I really like it because it helps me play music. That's about all it does, but I hold things like a cute frame of an old couple with pressed flowers and a photo of edgar allen poe on it, little knickknacks like that. I hold it in my living room, I find that the best place to store something like this.

This is my stereo, a Sony HST-221 with speakers and a few little toy cars on it. On the top is a raccoon skull my friend gave to me. It is soo awesome, I got it June 2022 from my mom who didn't use it all that much. It has a video, tape, CD, phono, and Tuner section. It can store 5 cd's at once, and uses a circle plate/motion to switch between them. I have so far only used the Radio and CD, but it is still so awesome :>) Upon trying to use a tape, it wouldn't work, so I either didn't do it right, or the tape is busted. Definitely holding onto this, I gotta bring my CD's out from my car into my house to make use of it!

This is my Flipphone, I really enjoy it. It has everything that I need (notes, calendar, calling, texting, mahjong), and is a nice size. I find that my smartphone now feels too large after using this for some time. It is not perfect, I would like emojis and possibly easier music accessibility, or else I would use this 24/7. After deleting snapchat, I may use this more often.

This is my ThinkPad x220, and I plan to toy around with Linux on it. If not, I'll try to just enjoy windows 10 until 2025, and then start. Hopefully I will get to the point of being able to emulate different windows versions with skinning or something. I really like the keys on this laptop, and I like how compact it is. It doesn't feel like the "phablet" of a laptop.

Who needs cable when you have the passwords to a few subscription services? In all seriousness though, I basically almost grew up on Roku devices, they have quite a lot of services that you can add to them (all of the most popular name brands and some), and it's pretty convenient. They even often have free shows & movies that you can watch if you don't have those. If you lose your remote or the batteries are dead, you can use your smartphone as another one. In conclusion: families should share passwords more, it's cheaper that way.