my name is CELEBRITYMONKEY and i love internet.


i like to draw, i like trying different crafts, i like media such as . . .

next question, i like dogs and cats, and i someday wish to have an animal such as a snake that is easy to take care of, or something of the like

i enjoy updating this website and slowly tweaking it to perfection. with that said, perfection is a work of the mind, so this site's layout may be prone to change over time.

i live in the world, and i

my dogs hairs are graying a bit. it makes me sad to think about it

i am interested in fashion, namely elaborate goth pieces and clothing articles that seem very elegant

i really like going to preformances to play the cello, it makes me feel good, being able to perfect a piece and to play it with passion.

i also like going to preformances to see my favorite artists live

i am also really into twilight as of the moment.


COLOR: red

GAME: terraria, stardew valley, mario kart, jenga, 3/13, msp

FLOWER: baby's breath or roses

TV show: maybe MANIA on netflix. other than that maybe... i don't know

MOVIE: Cloverfield Lane, Lucy, i can't name much more

CARTOON: the regular show or adventure time

ANIMAL: spiders in theory, but cats in practice. snakes are cool, too, but i do not have much experience with them

GENRE: psychological horror, gothic. sometimes slice of life or drama is good, too.

GENRE (MUSIC): deathrock, gothic rock, darkwave, new-wave

CONSOLES: Nintendo, DS, mp3 players, etc. anything nostalgic and made to do what it does. Not to get too lengthy on a brief formatting, but I kind of have a dislike for the smartphone now. It sucks you in with "Computer in a pocket", it does everything and MORE than you could ever need in a lifetime. It breaks dopamine attachments, our reality as we knew it. It cannot be good to stick in front of a 2 year olds face, limiting creativity and such.. I love the simplicity of owning multiple items to do what an new-age phone can do. I just want my music player to play music, and my phone to make calls. Life will be simple.

this website was made in order to express myself in whatever way that i see fit and am capable of, and i really like doing it

i think that it is going pretty well so far, and if you enjoy this site, please feel free to browse a bit more! i am sure there are little corners and places that you haven't even explored yet, places that haven't even been made yet. my little corner of the internet is ever-expanding and in-progress

i like to most think about my progress. i remember a big turning point was being able to memorize, without looking at a reference, how to insert an image. it felt nice.

that is all.

want to go back?


I am going to be really honest, I wrote this in a state of frenzy and briefness, in which I sound a bit odd. I do not want to delete the contents to your left, as they are a bit funny, as well as being reminiscant and a "reminder" of how I sometimes am.

all bits and gags aside, please disreagard this type-feat as an implication of the real me.

. . .

actually, looking back on it, these statements are pretty accurate. I just remember feeling kind of jacked up and super fast and a bit not-human while writing, so i assumed it was going to be all weird. So, I guess, take it with a grain of salt.

thank you! have a beloved day