The Saw franchise made its debute in 2004, a film about two strangers waking up with chains to their feet, no idea how they got there. From there, there were eight other movies that followed suit, all (presumably, i haven't seen them alL) tying into the original plot point: A man has cancer. Although his cancer is not the final straw to inspire his trappings, his advocacy for living a life worth such was... interestingly displayed throughout these films.

I particularly love this franchise because even though you have a character who is so obviously twisted and does things in his vigilante, "my opinion is law", sort of sense, he fights for a cause. It's admirable. Jigsaw fights for life worth living; and even though he has killed many in the process, some could say that his methods are accurate. Although, I personally would argue that the traumatic situations he puts people through, near life-or-death calculated situations with little-to-no escape, could be enough to end lives if survived, but I digress.


A lot of what makes Saw, Saw, is the ethical dilemmas that persist due to the nature of the traps. Many seem impossible to conquer, and ultimately just a gruesome "fuck you" to the person trapped in it. Although the motives are questionable, I must say that I really admire the craftsmanship of JigSaw for being able to perfectly execute, most (probably most, I have not finished the series even though I love it so much), if not all, of his traps in his plans. The engineering talent it would take to create a reverse beartrap, find locations to do this in a discreet area, as well as even finding these people and executing his plans with many traps inside of traps, it would be amazing. His talent is limitless, and I almost wish his cancer/failed suicide motivated him to be an excellent crafter. What was his job before becoming jigsaw? You'd have to be smart in order to have everything perfectly timed and to be able to flee/trap the cops on multiple occasions.

A lot of the "horror" aspect of this franchise falls into one of two categories: Empathy, and Ethics.

Empathy is shown to be a horror tactic used, a lot of these situations would be terrible to go through yourself. Emotions that may arise as you watch this series could be: disguist, joy, among other emotions I cannot identify at the moment. Ethics has a great hold on this series, as it gives you a solid villain, an antihero, to fight for. The ethicality of, "Does this man deserve to be put in such a treacherous situation because of x crime?", "Someone called in from work sick on multiple occasions, and is now being put in a life or death situation to change, is that right?", "Why does self medicating and harming meet the criteria for having to kill your boyfriend to stay alive?", and "Does making yourself the judge, jury, and executioner actually benefit anyone? Is vigilante justice ever moral?", or, "Do any of these traps work? The desired outcome is a changed life, but change is natural. No one person will ever stay the exact same. Is it even worth it?". You know that Jigsaw, on some level, does not want to actually help these people. He wants justice. He wants revenge. He wants to be able to see whenever those people he finds degenerate and disgusting writhe in pain, that they are getting "what they deserve".


Ranked From Easiest to Hardest to Kill Me With:

  • This trap is just one hard thing after another. Every time you think, "How could this get worse?", it does. It somehow does. On top of being completely naked in a dim room (violated), he has a slow-acting poison coursing within his veins. You think, "Oh, he's going to die". Here's the actual sawtrap: The antidote to the poison is in a safe, and this man has the code to it. (Woohoo!) But, the code is written on the walls of the room (impossibly long script), and he is only given a candle in order to read it. He also is smeared in a highly flammable substance. There is also glass on the floor. I don't know what this man did to get the saw trap, but it just seems really over the top and hardcore. Destined for failure, he burned himself alive.


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