True crime cases that I know of/have studied and my thoughts on them. Enjoy!


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Summary: In Sarah's words, Jorge Torres Jr and she were playing hide and go seek. He was in the suitcase and she was waiting for him, and decided to go to bed. She was not drunk, and they were both fine, and had a good day. Later, she states that she was the one to help him get into the suitcase, and later states that they were drunk which is why this happened. Recovered deleted videos were ultimately her downfall, (as was her lying) and showed Jorge struggling to open, as well as pleading Sarah to open, the suitcase that he was in, despite her stating that she left a finger's width to allow him to get out himself.

This interrogation was frustrating to watch, both because Sarah genuinely believed that if she would argue enough with detectives they would be on her side, and her stating multiple things all around and switching her narrative whenever it was convenient for her. Like the Amazon Killer, Sarah also states that the suitcase was not meant for that behavior, as though it made this situation better. This youtube video did not mention body language, probably because Sarah's lying was enough to understand what was truly going on. Not boring to watch, but interesting to see unfold. It is not for everyone, as the pace could be described as "slow" ( Mostly due to her making the interrogation process very difficult for everyone involved ).


Summary: Two teens, devoted fans of horror films (particularly the "Scream" movies) wanted to recreate these experiences in real life. Targeting a friend, Cassie, who was home alone that night, they decided to sneak back in later that night after hanging out. Their names are not included in this summary/synopsis because their motives were fun, power, and fame. They wanted to become famous off of this singular act, and compared themselves to be greater than Ted Bundy in a Vlog they made moments before the killing. They vlogged Cassie at school, before the act, as well as sometime after. They attempted to plan and act upon investigation together, however, they were interviewed separately. This tactic was used against them, one detective stating something about the second liar being even more obvious than the first. The two boys were both awkward and pitiful during their questioning, and I hope they are having fun rotting.

ALYSSA BUSTAMANTE - "Diary Killer" :

Alyssa dealt with hardship a lot of her life. Writing in her diary about her urges to kill, need for blood, etc. She spared no details in also writing about her killing. Taking her younger sister's friend home one night, she stabs her multiple times in the woods, and also has random holes in the woods because she "just likes digging holes". The image at 6:34 is the funniest shit I have ever seen in my life maybe. "I just like digging holes" quoted next to her emo selfie, also next to a water-filled dirt hole with the label "ACTUAL CRIME SCENE PHOTO" tickles me endlessly, and I hope you watch this video in its entirety, if not just for that bit. Alyssa also had a boyfriend, who she would ask if he had ever thought about killing people, and he brushed it off as regular emo behavior. Wrong! She is a freak! I almost empathize with Alyssa because she is a midwestern emo kid who went to church and had dark thoughts. I hope she is getting the help that she needs. This is a good case, and also a little shocking that one of the main reasons they were able to catch her is because she just.. didn't get rid of evidence. No burning papers, no flushing them, ripping it out of the diary. Just scribbling over it to preserve the page. Kind of stupid if you ask me, but I, too, have done stupid things in my life so I can't really judge. But I CAN judge her for killing a 9 (?) year old at the age of .. being older than 9. That's sick.


This case is really funny to watch for me. Summary: Dalia Dippolito was a sex worker, who fell in love with Mike. They married, etc. Have a house together. She calls an ex boyfriend to try and hire a hitman, which works (in her eyes). The ex calls the police and they send in an undercover cop to meet up with Dalia, with a hidden camera for evidence. Dalia agrees that she is 1000% ready for this, sure she wants it to happen, and even pays (i think) 4k to get him killed? Maybe 5k? Dalia creates a sobstory, cries upon hearing that her husband is dead, only to be brought to the realization that he isn't dead and she is under arrest for attempted murder. I think the main reason that this case is so hilarious to me is a. the way in which the video was elapsed, the editing of footage and the overall commentary, and b. the lack of seeing dalia's manipulation tactics actually work in the past.

In the case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, another person who pulled pity party strings after planning to murder someone, gained THOUSANDS of dollars and sucked every resource dry that she (her mother) could use her to do. I understand it was the only thing she knew, but it seriously pisses me off that she continously tries to get people to feel bad for her as though she didn't just have her mother killed. Instantly upon interrogation Gypsy lies and says "omg my mom is dead??? pleading eye emoji please that is so sad she was my best friend!!!" bitch!!!!! If you're going to do something like that at least don't be a pussy and actually own up to it.. So gross to me.

Anyways back to Dalia, I think why it is so funny to me is because it is absolutely rediculous and she has no chance of winning. There is blatant evidence that she wanted to kill him, yet she has the balls to say "it's not true" to his face!! So insane. I love it. Must've been hard for him to miss his relatives' passing because of the retrial, though.


A man hires two young people, a couple, to do some yard/manual labor for him. Upon arrival, he shoots the husband and keeps the wife as his sex slave in some containment truck. It isn't a trailer, but it is a storage place. On a tight schedule, he allows her to go outside and go for a walk with him, eat, etc. under his supervision. He explained that the purpose for his storage place wasn't meant for that, which somehow means that it's less disturbing or incriminating becayse of that. ... will finish later