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My love for twilight began when I was a youngling. I was at a babysitters house, and the bigger kids were watching it. Bella was in a chair, in the cold, and she stabbed her leg with a rock. Jacob was there. My peer yelled, "BELLA, NOO!!!" and I was amazed. I have no recollection of what else happens, and when I rewatch twilight, I don't know what scene this is supposed to be. I literally don't know if this scene is a dream or not. Recently I have engrossed myself in the series, and love the sense of nostalgia it gives me. I also like being able to see a (twisted) true love come to play. As I grow, I like being able to understand that team edward or jacob should not be taking place, and team charlie is a better option here. I think bella should've just rekindled her relationship with her dad instead of going out with some creep who would stalk her until she developed a mutual, parasitic, obsession. It's so messed up! But the scenery in the movies are really cool. The blood lab test scene isn't in the film.. probably didn't have the budget.. WE WERE ROBBED!!!