Thank you, and a warm welcome to you, for clicking onto my blog!

This is a place where I can put thoughts that I wish to speak to an audience, but have no idea who. I figured I could gush and gab and write it all out, and then forget about it! And if other people read it, then even better :>) Not too personal, not too shabby!

To the left, you will find each blog post that I have made, in order of newest to oldest, as well as listed by categories they best suit.

My blogs are categorized by General Logs (little posts i just feel like making on a whim, no specific direction, no intended duration. just getting the mumbo jumbo out!), Picture Logs (logs about specific days or events, accompanied by photos! enjoy), Specific Articles (posts where i ramble about one idea or concept for paragraphs at a time), Poetry, as well as a Miscellanious tab. For each piece, I never EVER looked up any actual methods of writing, just based it on feel. Please do not judge if they are rudementary. Thank you for reading!

Feel free to look around, and enjoy!

Written June 14th, 2021 and Edited April 7th, 2022.